CWAHM began in 2000 as a place for moms to connect and share information about working from home and running home-based businesses. At it's peak, CWAHM included the website, a podcast, vlogs, and more. It became a community and was enjoyable for it's season.


"I am choosing to share this here because I stood on such a public faith platform for such a long time. However, over the past few years I have been going through a faith deconstruction season. I have wrestled with my beliefs, especially the belief that if God is love, then anything that is not love is not of God. And anything that is born of love must be of God.

I could write on and on about what I see as problems in the American Evangelical Church, but it can simply all be summed up in this: the Church has lost sight of love. It is motivated by power, greed, and judgment of anyone who disagrees. These are antithetical to love and therefore not of God.

Due to this, I have intentionally moved away from the church and the anti-love beliefs they espouse. This means I have also set down CWAHM as the beliefs I began it with no longer align with what I now believe to be true. There is so much more to this, but as this is an online forum, I will leave things with the simple statement I started with: If God is love, then all things of love must be cherished. Therefore, I stand with those disenfranchised by the Church. I stand with the LGBTQIA+ community. I stand with the "outcasts" and the "sinners" and all those the Church says Jesus chose to break bread with when he walked the Earth. If this is love, then I want to live my life in a way that will show this type of love to all."